[b-greek] Re: Son of Man

From: James Crossley (crossleyjames@hotmail.com)
Date: Fri Aug 18 2000 - 08:41:00 EDT

<x-flowed>Maurice Casey discussed the material concerning Son of Man in ancient Jewish
and Christian literature in 'Son of Man', SPCK, 1979. In addition to the
conventional material on the son of man, e.g. Daniel, 1 Enoch, NT,
Patristics, etc there is also a chapter on the much neglected Syrian
tradition. Casey has also written several articles on the subject which are
worth reading e.g. 'General, Generic, and Indefinite: Some Aspects of
the Son of Man Problem' JSNT, 1987, which mainly discusses Aramaic
reconstructions of Jesus' sayings, and a dicussion on the state of son of
man scholarship in 'Method in our Madness and Madness in their Methods'.
The latter was written c. 1995 but I forget which journal: I will find out

I hope this will be of some use.

James Crossley
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