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From: clayton stirling bartholomew (c.s.bartholomew@worldnet.att.net)
Date: Tue Aug 22 2000 - 15:43:20 EDT

on 08/22/00 12:03 PM, myron kauk wrote:

> Radmacher, Earl D. _The Nature of the Church_. Hayesville, NC: Schoettle
> Publishing, 1996 (reprint from Portland: Western Conservative Baptist
> Seminary, 1972).

So Radmacher's dissertation is still in print. Amazing. My copy seems to
have disappeared. It must have been a victim of one of my library purges.

I remember well a friend from the 70's trying to decide between Western
Seminary (Portland) and Denver Seminary. This fellow heard Radmacher speak
on some text in 1Thes (eschatology) and decided to go to Denver Seminary. I
heard Radmacher speak several times and always found him quite

My memory of the _The Nature of the Church_. is that it is a very detailed
work developed along the lines of traditional philology. Not a bad read, a
little tedious but no worse than the typical dissertation. Don't be mislead
by the 1972 publishing date, the research is somewhat older than that.

The book can be found at Schoettle Publishing


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