[b-greek] Off-topic LXX/Hebrew MT/NT Translation

From: Bruce Gardner (possop@hotmail.com)
Date: Sat Aug 26 2000 - 16:36:00 EDT

<x-flowed>Dear Friends,

I'm interested in issues to do with LXX/Hebrew MT/NT translation and
quotation. An example of such interface discrepancies is a comparison of the
numbers of the holy family going down to Egypt in Gen 46:26 (cf. MT) and the
same recorded incident in Acts 7:14, where an LXX source is favoured,
recording 75, not 70 souls, in all. Plainly, logic can easily be stretched
by anyone to accommodate any sense of contradiction here, but I am more
interested in practical issues underlying such examples.

Another example, more to do with translation, is 1 Kings 8:65-6, where RSV
uses LXX 7 days + 1 day (= 8 days) instead of MT's 14 days + 1 day (= 15
days) presumably because 8 days suited a conventional view of the Feast of
Tabernacles, following LXX's later, more logical, description, a change in
the MT translation not seen in other versions (e.g. KJV).

As a mere Hebraist, then, can anyone offer me either: [1] good leads in
terms of a book list about such comparisons, and/or [2] any examples they
have noticed in interface problems? Thanks for time spent on this.

Bruce Gardner,
Aberdeen, Scotland, UK.
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