[b-greek] These two positions don't even seem close

From: Mark Wilson (emory2002@hotmail.com)
Date: Sun Aug 27 2000 - 13:03:30 EDT


How can this happen?

Wallace/Manning seem to see the Aorist Tense in a way radically different
that Porter.

It seems to me that Wallace sees the Aorist Tense as the Past Tense,
conceding that other “intrusions” can alter its fundamental, inherent “past
tense” meaning.

But Porter does not seem to see the Aorist Tense as a “past tense.” He
seems to argue that it requires grammatical “intrusions” to indicate Past
tense, as if “past tense” is not its fundamental sense.

Do I understand this debate correctly?

If so, what can I state “for sure” about the Aorist Tense?

Thank you,

Mark Wilson

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