[b-greek] Rom 3:21-31

From: Brian Swedburg (brian@discoveryhills.org)
Date: Tue Aug 29 2000 - 19:00:03 EDT

    It has been months since I have had time to join the frey! Glad the
list is still here.

My question: I am diagramming Romans 3:21-31 and attempting to grapple
with it's meaning. In particular, as I bounce the word DIKAIOSUNH
around in my head, the "sense" of the word that makes the most sense to
me is "justice". When I "hear" in DIKAIOSUNH the justice of God
revealed and evidenced in Jesus (variously spoken inthe passage), this
seems to fit well with the argument of the writer for the guilt of all
men, and God's just wrath for the guilty. So, pretending to leave
theology aside, do those of you with years of familiarity with the
Greek approve this semantic meaning of DIKAIOSUNH, or prefer another?

Brian Swedburg

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