[b-greek] Re: A student's view of grammar, exegesis, linguistics,...

From: clayton stirling bartholomew (c.s.bartholomew@worldnet.att.net)
Date: Tue Aug 29 2000 - 23:23:41 EDT

on 08/29/00 6:29 PM, Wayne Leman wrote:

> Linguistics For Students of New Testament Greek, by professor David Alan
> Black (Baker, 2nd edition, 1995)
> Clay isn't fond of this book, but it does tie the study of Greek to the
> stuff of linguistics, and that's good.


Wait a minute. I have not said anything about this book in a public forum
for several years and I have not even SEEN the revised edition only the
first edition. Even such noted and revered luminaries as Edward Hobbs have
recommended this book and I am certainly not going to second guess Edward on
this subject.

My main comment about the first edition was that it was very basic. Some
people need a very basic book and I am sure it would not have come out in a
second edition if it wasn't being of any service.


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