[b-greek] Re: I need a good English translate for greek word

From: jwest@highland.net
Date: Sat Sep 02 2000 - 09:01:05 EDT

> This word requires as careful an examination as we give to semantics and
> doctrine, and the traditional interpretation should not be accepted
> merely because it is convenient. Happy, as Jim West suggested is

i merely suggested it as a member of the range of possibility. if the original
question had referenced a specific passage i could have been more precise. but
as it merely asked for a general translation sans context....

> unsuitable for the reason that happiness is a response to some stimuli,
> whether internal or external, and is thereby dependent on the situation
> one finds himself in, or the attitude one has chosen to carry.

this is not necessarily so.

Joy, on
> the other hand, is a lifestyle which interprets all occurences as
> positive, and which in fact determines much of what takes place in the
> life of the joyous person.

this is a tad overstretched isnt it? and seems to me to be much more a
philosophical than a linguistic argument.

I cast my voter for MAKARIOS being
> translated "joyous", and instead of supplying the present indicative
> "they are" to its occurences in Matthew chapter 5, I append "should be".

i dont even recall the original post mentioning matthew 5. perhaps i missed
it. but i dont recall seeing it at all.

> Two more
> cents from the diminished capacity of,
> Joseph Garnier

i bet yur capacity isnt as diminished as mine!


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