[b-greek] Re: To List Admin: Request for assistance

From: Carl W. Conrad (cwconrad@artsci.wustl.edu)
Date: Sun Sep 03 2000 - 07:27:25 EDT

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<div>At 8:22 PM -0700 9/2/00, Clifton D. Healy wrote:</div>
<div>&gt;My apologies in advance for sending this to the list.<br>
&gt;I have attempted to use the SunSITE page, and have<br>
&gt;looked at both my original subscription messages and<br>
&gt;the B-Greek home page, but I can find no instructions<br>
&gt;for setting to &quot;No Mail&quot; or &quot;Vacation&quot; or what
&gt;Beginning Monday, I will be on vacation for a couple<br>
&gt;of weeks and would like to temporarily suspend service<br>
&gt;for that time to conserve mailbox space.&nbsp; I do not<br>
&gt;want to unsubscribe, merely to take a break.<br>
<div>&gt;Can you assist me?</div>
<div>I have taken care of this request and I am happy to do so for any
who wish me to do it, but please contact me off-list about this sort
of request. Probably this information should have been included in the
list, but here's a message I sent out in late July about how to do
this for yourself:</div>
<div>Date: Sat, 22 Jul 2000 08:37:31 -0400<br>
To: Biblical Greek &lt;b-greek@franklin.oit.unc.edu&gt;<br>
From: &quot;Carl W. Conrad&quot;
<div>Subject: [b-greek] How to Change your own B-Greek mail
<div><font color="#000000">During the past two months I've received
several requests to change the mail status for list-members who will
be away from their e-mail while on vacation or for other reasons. I am
happy to do this upon request but it is something that any member can
do for him/herself and that I encourage you to do for yourselves. The
only reason why anyone should have difficulty is a forgotten password
selected too long ago to remember (something that happens to me even
from yesterday). So here are the instructions<br>
1. Go to B-Greek Mailing List web page:<br>
2. There you are asked to type your e-maill address (e.g.
cwconrad@artsci.wustl.edu) into the first box, your password into the
box below. If you did not choose a password when you became a
list-member you may ignore this and go on to the next step; if you did
choose a password and have forgotten it, you'll have to ask me: I can
retrieve it for you and send it to you by e-mail.<br>
3. Then click on &quot;Click here to enter b-greek&quot;. This will
take you to a page showing four boxes:<br>
<x-tab>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </x-tab>&quot;Read
<x-tab> </x-tab>&quot;Create a New Message&quot;<br>
<x-tab>&nbsp; </x-tab>&quot;Your Settings&quot;<br>
<x-tab> </x-tab>&quot;Leave (unsubscribe)&quot;<br>
and below those is a box to type in an entry for searching the B-Greek
archives (messages since June 1998 when the list moved to this
4. Click on &quot;Your Settings&quot;: this will open a page entitled
&quot;Edit your Member Settings on b-greek.&quot;<br>
This will show several items :<br>
<x-tab>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </x-tab>--Your e-mail
<x-tab>&nbsp;&nbsp; </x-tab>--Your full name<br>
<x-tab>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </x-tab>--Your
password (shown in black dots)<br>
<x-tab>&nbsp;&nbsp; </x-tab>--Your password (as retyped originally to
confirm it)</font></div>
</x-tab>--&quot;Status&quot; pop-up menu allowing you to choose
between four options for receiving B-Greek messages; you must choose
one of these and it will then show on the screen after you have
selected it.:</font></div>
</x-tab>a. mail: receive messages as they are contributed</font></div>
</x-tab>b. digest: one daily message with all the contributions for
that day</font></div>
</x-tab>c. index: one daily message with only the subject lines for
that day</font></div>
</x-tab>d. nomail: receive no messages from this mailing
</x-tab>--&quot;See your messages&quot; pop-up menu allowing you to
choose whether you want to</font></div>
</x-tab>a. see your own messages (i.e. receive a distribution copy of
messages you have sent)</font></div>
</x-tab>b. not to see your own messages</font></div>
</x-tab>--&quot;Acknowledgement&quot; pop-up menu: gives you the
choice (yes/no) of whether to receive an acknowledgement of
distribution of your message to the list<br>
5. At the bottom of the page there are three boxes:<br>
<x-tab>&nbsp; </x-tab>a. Save (save changes you have made)<br>
<x-tab>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </x-tab>b. Reset (return to default settings
rather than any that you have set)<br>
<x-tab> </x-tab>c. Do not save (do not save any changes you've typed
in while currently on this page)</font></div>
<div><font color="#000000">Click on any one of these boxes to return
to the main B-Greek Menu.</font></div>

<div>-- <br>
Carl W. Conrad<br>
Co-Chair, B-Greek List<br>
Department of Classics, Washington University<br>
One Brookings Drive/St. Louis, MO, USA 63130/(314) 935-4018<br>
Home: 7222 Colgate Ave./St. Louis, MO 63130/(314) 726-5649<br>
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