[b-greek] Jerusalem Project (hUPOSTASIS)

From: Mark Wilson (emory2oo2@hotmail.com)
Date: Wed Sep 06 2000 - 15:06:58 EDT

2 Cor. 9:4


Translated by the NET Bible as:

"For if any of the Macedonians should come with me and find that you are not
ready to give, we would be humiliated (not to mention you) by this
confidence [we had in you]."

In preparation for my question, here is a direct quote from Dr. David E.
Garland (Baylor University) on this passage:

"The NIV, along with most English translations, renders the last word in the
verse (hUPOSTASIS) as "confidence" or "assurance." But no other examples of
the usage of the word with this meaning exist. (See BAGD, 847) The word
means "project" or "plan." The end of this verse is therefore better
translated, "we would be put to shame – not to say anything about you – in
this project (undertaking).""

He goes on to indicate that the Corinthians’ potential abandonment of the
Jerusalem Project (the collection of funds for the poor in Jerusalem), to
which they had previously committed, would seriously jeopardize the project
(hUPOSTASIS) as a whole.

Also, who can forget Dr. Wuest’s famous "Title Deed" to answered prayer,
where he translated Hebrews 11:1, "Faith is the title deed (not substance)
of things hoped for..." And of course Dr. Wuest provided documents to
substantiate his claim, showing that it clearly meant, in a legal sense,
"title deed."

With this slightly lengthy introduction, my question concerns hUPOSTASIS.

Can someone help me understand Dr. Garland’s claim? The NET Bible translates
it "confidence." Yet Dr. Garland indicates that there is no attestation for
such a usage.

I assume, based on Dr. Wuest’s substantiated claim, that hUPOSTASIS must
contain its "technical" sense in Heb. 11. Or, can we translate Heb. 11:1,
"Faith is the undertaking" of things hoped for? If so, what does
"undertaking" mean in this passage? Even though Dr. Garland indicates that
"confidence" is not an option, it seems to fit in Hebrew 11.

How would one translate hUPOSTASIS in Hebrews 11?

Do you concur with Dr. Garland of his translation "project (undertaking)" in
2 Cor. 9:4?

Thank you,

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getting way too many junk emails.)

Mark Wilson

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