[b-greek] Re: Words Classified By Roots

From: Daniel Riaño (danielrr@retemail.es)
Date: Thu Sep 07 2000 - 11:45:30 EDT

>However, a friend, who has a very different theological position to
>my own, recently gave me some of his Greek material regarding the
>root of the word QEOS, claiming its root is QE (from which TIQHMI
>comes) and hence has an underlying meaning of 'Placer'.

        Although not the most commonly accepted etymology, QEO/S has
been related to *dhH(1)-, the root of TI/QHMI; to accept such
etymology (scientifically plausible) the origins of the word would
place it in connection with the stelae, cippi, etc. common in ancient
Greek religion and cult: nothing to do with the NT God, methinks.

        Another 2 etymologies relate the term with (a) lat. feriae,
festus or with (b) Lithuanian "dvasia" *spirit* and Greek *QEI=ON*
*sulphur". (This brilliant etymology, but not without problems, was
first proposed by the young (21) student F. de Saussure in his
célèbre "M'emoire...")
Daniel Riaño Rufilanchas
Madrid, España

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