[b-greek] Present vs. Aorist Imperative

From: April01 (april01@foxinternet.com)
Date: Fri Sep 08 2000 - 16:00:15 EDT


I have not been a party to your past discussions, so if this has been
covered please forgive me. But if it has, it should be on the tip of your
tongue for my enlightenment.

My perplexity is this: many times the aorist imperative and the present
imperatie seem to be used interchangeably, e.g., Mark 2:11 Jesus speaking to
the paralytic says: EGEIRE (pres. imp.) ARON (aor. imp.) TON KRABATON SOU

I would have expected all of the imperatives to be aorist, but no, the first
and third verbs are present. It makes no sense to me . . . "keep getting up
and keep going home" (although the latter is more understandable).

Please shed some light if you can. Thanks.

E.A. Mills

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