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Date: Sun Sep 10 2000 - 21:21:23 EDT

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Regarding the "later than the traditional date," my curiosity would be
further aroused if you believe this book to be part of the NT canon. Why
pray tell would God have revealed this "final chapter" to some John Doe? And
why wait until all of Christ's immediate successors had perished?

Do not these considerations have some bearing on whom we identify as this


B-Greek is hardly the proper place for this particular discussion, but I will
answer your question anyway. I don't think it was a "John Doe" -- as a
matter of fact, I do think it was Polycarp. The reason for the pseudonym is
fairly obvious:

1. Polycarp was reputed to be a pupil of John -- he would thus be in the
school of John.

2. You don't wave a red flag in front of the bull with impunity. If you can
claim that another (now dead) person wrote it, you have some protection

Why wait? The time was right.

Regarding your statement that "liberals" hold this particular view -- untrue.
 Many you would classify as evangelicals do as well -- he is frequently
referred to as "John the Evangelist" or "John the Seer."


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