[b-greek] Re: GNT monoply

From: Michael Haggett (michaelhaggett@LineOne.net)
Date: Tue Sep 12 2000 - 17:01:46 EDT

| on 09/12/00 9:12 AM, clayton stirling bartholomew wrote:
| > It would be nice to have a GNT which is published just for reading, no
| > notations, no front matter, no dictionaries, no textual apparatus. Just
| > big plain type with simple paragraphs (no headings). I wonder if
| > or some other good publisher could get the rights to the UBS4/NA27 text
| > print a text for reading. I find reading the NA27 a bother due to all
| > symbols inbedded in the text. For this reason I always print off a loose
| > version of any book I am going to study.

| If it is too much expense or trouble to get the rights to the text of NA27
| one could just use W&H as a base text and have a small team NT scholars
| a few "corrections" to W&H and this would permit you do break the strangle
| hold that GBS has on the GNT which amounts to a monopoly, since the
| competition is essentially non-existent.
| It would be nice to have a real alternative to the GBS products but unless
| we want to go with the Majority Text or the TR one is now more or less
| with NA27/UBSGNT4.

Although electronic rather than printed, I have published something not too
dissimilar to such an edition on the website


It is in unicode font format (sorry Mac users!) which means that the text
can be cut and pasted (book by book) and printed out for one's own use in
one of the half dozen or so unicode fonts now available (listed on the

I don't claim it is typo-free, and I'd welcome anyone drawing attention to
any errors via the email address on the site

I use this text for the simple pleasure of reading (as opposed to studying)
the NT in an unencumbered form. But I'd warn you that my views on accents,
smooth breathings and the like might not suit everyone.

Michael Haggett

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