[b-greek] Re: Rom.1:5: hUPAKOH PISTEWS

From: James S. Murray (jsmurray@execpc.com)
Date: Wed Sep 13 2000 - 22:42:20 EDT

"Carl W. Conrad" wrote:

> I think this thread has taken a direction leading AWAY from legitimate
> B-Greek concerns into theological speculation; if it is to continue at all,
> it needs to keep the focus on demonstrable lexical usage in GNT or related
> Greek texts.

I need to apologize to the list and to Dennis for inadvertently sending on-list a
response to an e-mail that was sent off-list. I failed to notice it was sent to me
directly and assumed it came through the list. I will be more careful in the
future. Again, my apologies.

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