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> I also don't know of an idiom, but if it was a common Hebrew idiom, it
would fit
> with the statement "Born again". The second birth is of the spirit so the
birth that
> precedes it must be the natural birth otherwise actual first birth is not
> counted, or else the term "born again" doesn't refer to a second birth but
a third,
> but I see that as doubtful and the emphasis on being born of the Spirit.
> in Christ -chris

"Born again" is a 2 dimensional western translation but the Semitic
languages are
more 3 dimensional and other meanings are often intended. Aramaic Min d'rish
can also
mean "from the first beginning" This is the same root as bereshit at Genesis
1:1 and lo and behold
Genesis 1:2 speaks of the breath of God moving upon the face of the WATERS.
mystical Jesus appears to be telling Nicodemus to start the creation process
all over again.


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