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 I've heard that there is ms evidence that the LXX
 at one time had YHWH. I checked my copy of
 Brenton at a few places, and all the references
 came up KURIOS. Does anyone have any info
 on this?
 Thanks! >>

Yes. In fact, all pre-second century CE LXX manuscripts that preserve a
translated portion of the Hebrew text where the divine name occurs, also use
a form of the divine name. Thus, there is a very strong likelihood that the
original NT docs also used a form of the divine name, as the evidence we have
shows that all sources used by the NT authors when quoting the OT contained
some form of the divine name.

Of course, the later Christian LXX mss. do not use the divine name, so it is
really no surprise to find later NT mss. similarly without use of the divine
name. The question we have to ask is, if they removed the divine name from
what was considered inspired Scripture (the LXX), then what would keep these
same persons from doing the same thing to NT docs, many of which were not
placed on equal footing with the LXX?

Greg Stafford

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