[b-greek] Re: Fwd: Greek forms of the Divine Name

From: Jim West (jwest@highland.net)
Date: Sat Sep 16 2000 - 11:53:51 EDT

At 11:31 AM 9/16/00 -0400, you wrote:
>Looks like I also sent this one directly to Jim, but not the List.

im not going to pursue this anymore because i see the chasm opening before
us. we will soon have a full blown discussion of the use (or uselessness)
of the NWT and i dont care to do doctrinal discussion. im too old an cranky
and thats not what this list is for anyway. so this is my last post on the
topic at hand. i will simply say that there is no substantive or sensible
reason to believe that ancient israelites pronounced the tetragrammaton
"jehovah" rather than "Yahweh".



"When the authorities are clever, and the poor are loyal, it is the effect
of the blessing of Arrata" Sumerian Proverb.

Jim West, ThD

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