[b-greek] Re: TA STOICEIA - Col 2:8ff

From: Mark Wilson (emory2oo2@hotmail.com)
Date: Sat Sep 16 2000 - 18:25:56 EDT

>Col. 2:8b

I would make only the following observations:

> . . . KATA -> term
>KATA -> term
>KAI KATA -> term.

Should actually read:

KATA -> term
KATA -> term
OU KATA -> term

This of course lends support away from his sytactical conclusion based on
his reasoning, but it should not.

He says:

>Arnold does not over look the first KATA -> term but he argues that the KAI
>between the second and third KATA -> term links the second and third into
>contrasting relationship.

To which I might inquire:

Does he demonstrate this to be the general syntactical rule? How many other
Pauline contructs does he site? I think his pursuing the personal/impersonal
question on the basis of syntax is the wrong way to go. Syntax does not at
all address the personal/impersonal issue here.

>He sees this contrasting relationship as evidence
>that TA STOICEIA TOU KOSMOU has a personal referent.

Again, I think his historical, lexical approach is how this will be settled,
not syntactically.


>I am rather at a loss to see why this syntax would lend any support to the
>notion that TA STOICEIA TOU KOSMOU has a personal referent.

I think I rather like the idea of this having a personal referent (plural,
of course). However, I do not see any reason to draw the syntactical
conclusions he has drawn, nor is there any need to. (Despite the possibility
he may be correct.)

I would say that your objections are no more valid in eliminating a personal
referent than his are of supporting one. It seems to me that the syntactical
construct here has NO BEARING on a personal or impersonal referent, either


Mark Wilson

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