[b-greek] Re: Wallace on Ga 4:14

From: clayton stirling bartholomew (c.s.bartholomew@worldnet.att.net)
Date: Mon Sep 18 2000 - 13:10:58 EDT

on 09/18/00 1:45 AM, Maurice A. O'Sullivan wrote:

> Clay:
> Here is the actual quote --- progressing from " most probable" to " is "
> I would rate as blunt rather than nuanced <g>
>>> One of the many theologically significant constructions is AGGELOS
> KURIOU (cf. Matt 1:20; 28:2; Luke 2:9; Acts 12:7; Gal 4:14 [AYYELOS QEOU]
> In the LXX this is the normal phrase used to translate MLACH ADONAI ("the
> angel of the Lord").
> The NT exhibits the same phenomenon, prompting Nigel Turner to suggest that
> "AGGELOS KURIOU is not an angel but the angel [of the Lord]." Indeed,
> although most scholars treat AGGELOS KURIOU in the NT as "an angel of the
> Lord," there is no linguistic basis for doing so. Apart from theological
> argument, it is most probable that AGGELOS KURIOU is the angel of the Lord
> in the NT and is to be identified with the the angel of the Lord of the OT.<<
> Regards
> Maurice

Thanks for this clarification. I suspect that a number of well informed
folks might find lumping Gal 4:14 [AYYELOS QEOU] under a discussion of
AGGELOS KURIOU to be a dubious procedure.


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