[b-greek] book review

From: Thomas J. Kraus (tj.kraus@gmx.de)
Date: Mon Sep 18 2000 - 17:39:30 EDT

dear b-greekers, dear colleagues,

while working on a study dealing with a piece of papyrus preserving
most of the body of a letter (P.Oxy. LXIII 4365; beginning of the
fourth century), in which the lending of books (IV Esra and
Jubilees) is mentioned, I came across the following title:

D.L. Jeffrey, People of the Book: Christian Identity and Literary
Culture, Grand Rapids 1996.

Unfortunately, the libraries at hand do not have this one, so that it
would take quite a time to order it from another library.
Did anybody read this book or have an oppurtunity to find out easily
whether Jeffrey´s study contains anything related to `booktrade´,
`copying of books´, `the lending and borrowing of books´, and the

Any comments welcome. Please, respond off-list. Thanks in

Thomas J. Kraus


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