[b-greek] Re: Great Divide

From: Mark Wilson (emory2oo2@hotmail.com)
Date: Wed Sep 20 2000 - 15:43:42 EDT

Oh, there you are Peter Pan.

>This explains, BTW, why a pericope in chapter 1 dealing with `rich and
>poor' is stuck between two pericopes dealing with PEIRASMOS. What James
>is saying is "Oppression by those in power has good results, but God
>is not maneuvered by it, nor does He brings it about." Thinking of
>PEIRASMOS in terms of `oppression' yields the happy result of relieving
>the `testing' vis-a-vis `tempting' tension between verse 2 and verse
>13 that has plagued the interpreter. The whole letter follows this
>same thread.

I think what you are calling SPA, or higher-level structure, or discourse
analysis, now makes sense to me.

Thank you for this clarification!

I thought Carl was going to put an "End of Thread" on this, but this is
pretty good stuff now that I understand it :o ) Thank you for not giving
up on me.

I think I would see SPA as the next step after FLFA, not separate from it,
since FLFA is not an end in itself (I think we should not set up a straw man
here). And it seems to me that at the SPA level, we are drawing inferences
from the work-in-progress at the FLFA level.

And then, I think the FLFA level must be revised as the larger picture
emerges. I think this is the dangerous part, because we probably can not
disassociate our Theological bent at this level. In other words, I think our
Theological bent will drive much of the FLFA process to insure that the SPA
neatly fits our Theology. Right?

But this brings us full circle, does it not? No matter how hard we try to be
"objective" (whatever that means) in the Translation process, as we piece
the small words and phrases together (to create the SPA structure), we will
do so in such a way as to reveal, at last, that our theological position was
right all along.

Good topic!

Mark Wilson

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