[b-greek] Textual variant at 2 John 1:9

From: TAYLOR, MARK D [FND/1000] (MARK.D.TAYLOR@stl.Monsanto.com)
Date: Thu Sep 21 2000 - 13:22:43 EDT

I would appreciate any help with the following...

First question:

In my Bible software (Teacher's Bible Companion), I noticed that there is a
difference between the UBS GNT and the Textus Receptus at 2 John 1:9. The
GNT has "proagwn", and the TR has "parabainwn". However, when I looked this
passage up in my UBS GNT 4th ed., I was surprised that the variant was not
even noted.

Could anyone please tell me about this variant from a manuscript standpoint?
Does it not show up in the notes because the evidence is overwhelmingly in
favor of "proagwn"?

Second question:

What do you think the meaning of "proagwn" is in this verse? The literal
meaning would be "go before" or "lead forth". Is it talking about someone
who leads/teaches others into false doctrine about Christ?

Mark Taylor
St. Louis

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