[b-greek] Re: Semitic patterns of speech

From: Martin Arhelger (arhelger@gmx.de)
Date: Thu Sep 21 2000 - 16:09:04 EDT

I own: Analytical Concordance to the Delitzsch Hebrew Translation of
the New Testament, containing 90.000 entries from the N. T. with
equivalents from the Greek original, compiled by S. P. Re'emi,
published by 'NUR' Press, Jerusalem, 1973

631 pages, chief catalogued words are vocalised (but not in the text
of the entries). The abrevations of the biblical books are Hebrew
only. The reference to the Greek words is done with numbers (similar
to Hatch / Redpath's Concordance).

Hope this helps!
Martin Arhelger, Germany

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