[b-greek] Re: Exhaustive Concordance for Septuagint

From: Maurice A. O'Sullivan (mauros@iol.ie)
Date: Fri Sep 22 2000 - 10:22:32 EDT

<x-flowed>At 10:34 22/09/00, Steven Shannon wrote:

>Does any one know where I might be able to obtain an exhuastive
>concordance for the septuagint?

The "daddy" of them all is:

A Concordance to the Septuagint : And the
     Other Greek Versions of the Old Testament
     (Including the Apocryphalbooks)
     by Edwin Hatch, Henry A. Redpath.
Hardcover (April 1998)

This was originally published in 1897, and is now normally published in two
farily hefty volumes.

It is currently on sale, new, at prices between $87 and the regular price
of $125 I Amazon.com currently offering it at $100, so it's worth shopping
around; MX Bookfinder will list both new and secondhand versions for you.

There is a much smaller, and older, one volume work, by G. Morrish: A Handy
Concordance of the Septuagint ( London; Bagster 197) which you might be
able to find in a secondhand shop.

Although it's not a concordance, a useful tool is:
Jacques, Xavier, ed. List of Septuagint Words Sharing Common Elements.
Subsidia Blblica 1. Rome: Pontifical Biblical Institute 1972.
[ a useful source might be: LIBRERIA ATHENAEUM athenaeum@iol.it ]

If you do decide to splash out on the Hatch & Redpath, I would recommend
using with it:
Muraoka, Takamitsu. Hebrew/Aramaic Index to the Septuagint. Keyed to to the
Hatch-Redpath Concordance. Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 1998.

It is currently being offered, I see, on some web-sites at about half the
original price of $25. It is a particularly useful tool and adjunct to the


Maurice A. O'Sullivan
[Bray, Ireland]

"Apply yourself wholly to the text; apply the text wholly to yourself."
- Johann Albrecht Bengel

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