[b-greek] Re: whether to anacolouthize

From: l. j. swain (x99swain@wmich.edu)
Date: Fri Sep 22 2000 - 11:32:34 EDT

Bart Ehrman wrote:
> Apologies for the neologism, but I'm working with Ignatius here....
> Ignatius was in a hurry and, frankly, had a few other things on his
> mind. Whatever the reasons, his letters are frequently, uh, rushed. I
> have a BIG question about what to do with them. Does the translator work
> to make sense of the thoughts Ignatius was expressing, and correct his
> grammar in order to do so? Or does s/he leave the sundry inconcinnities
> (and mistakes) to give a sense of the "tone" of the letters?

As a reader, my preferred method would be a literal translation, and
then in the commentary deal with the larger issue of making sense of
Iggie's thoughts. But since you're working on a Loeb edition with very
little commentary, if any, you don't have that luxury. So, in that
case, would the editors of Loeb be willing to allow you to use italics
to express those items added to make better sense of the translation?
If not, I would go with a translation which makes sense, rather than
literal, with a statement in the translator's preface to that effect.
That's my .02.

Larry Swain

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