[b-greek] Rom 10:17

From: Blahoslav Cicel (most@cb.cz)
Date: Tue Sep 26 2000 - 05:05:53 EDT

Helo listers,

going on in the study of faith issues I came to Rom 10:17. Several questions


1) DIA denotes PHMATOS QEOU as instrument or means or a cause?
2) is the genitive PHMATOS QEOU objective or subjective?

ad 1)
if DIA denotes cause, then it is an answer to the question given in v.15
"How they will preach if they were not sent? ... So the faith (is) from
preaching and preaching because of the word-command of God (Christ)."

if DIA denotes instrument, I have problems to understand it, how the word of
God may be an instrument for preaching (obviously is an instrument in the
case of temptation). Any discussion about this part (apart of realy
"technical notes") I ask you to send off-list.

if DIA denotes means, it is clear (and usualy translated in this way).

ad 2)
usualy it is translated as beeng subjective - God is who speak (or spoke).
genitive as objective is proposed by Robertson in his NT Word Pictures - the
preaching consists of words about God (Christ). It makes sense.

So, several possibilities, most of them inteligible. But, is there any way
how to decide, which seems to be the most proper?

Thanks in advance for any hints.

Blahoslav Cicel
pastor of Church of Brothers
Most, in the north of Czecho

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