[b-greek] Re: Overtranslating? Ign. Eph. 12.2

From: l. j. swain (x99swain@wmich.edu)
Date: Wed Sep 27 2000 - 10:24:54 EDT

Bart Ehrman wrote:
> Interesting passage in Ignatius to the Ephesians, 12.2, where the soon
> to be martyr refers to the Ephesians as the road through which those who
> are martyred pass: PARODOS ESTE TWN EIS QEON ANAIROUMENWN. He goes on to
> speak explicitly about Paul.
> My question is about ANAIROUMENWN. It *could* simply refer to people
> being taken up to God; but it also could refer to people being slain. I'm
> tempted to try to get both ideas in, so that rather than translating it as
> "you are the passageway for those who are snatched up (or some such
> thing) to God" or "you are the passageway for those who are slain for
> God," I'm toying with something like "you are the passageway for those
> taken up to God by their violent deaths."
> BUt maybe that's too much. Yeah, probably is too much. But what do
> you
> think?
Actually, I like it, or like the idea anyway. It successfully gets both
senses without doing too much damage either to the text itself or to the
English language. But how about being a little more explicit--the
passage is speaking of martyrdom, why not "you are the path for those
martyred" or even "you are the path for those taken up by martyrdom to
God"? Just my .02

Larry Swain

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