From: JFantin@aol.com
Date: Thu Sep 28 2000 - 07:03:38 EDT

I know you are probably looking for a book; however, if you have a Palm
Devise (PDA) or a WindowsCE machine you can get the UBS text for it ($20).
You can also get Gramcord parsing if you like (free for registered Gramcord
users--$20 or $25 to others I think). The parsing does not include a gloss
or translation and the root is not in a Greek font. However, the text is in
a Greek font and there are four optional sizes. If you have an older palm,
be sure it can read a Greek font (some cannot).

At present I think it is still in beta stage. The Palm does not yet have any
accent or breathing marks but breathing marks are forthcoming. I am not sure
if accents will every make it on the Palm version. I believe the WinCE does
or will have both accents and breathing.

You must have enough memory to use this but you can add smaller groups of
books (not individual) to save space. The older Palms with a lot of software
may not be able to hold it. My Palm devise is smaller than any bible I own
(roughly 4.5"" x 3.25" and about 0.5" thick).

The web page is: www.olivetree.com. Their bible reader is free and they have
a number of free translations (including the Byz Greek NT, and older German,
French, and Spanish translations) and others you can pay for. If you have a
Palm, download the reader and the Byz for free and see if you like reading
Greek on the Palm. I am not sure whether the Byz has the optional font sizes
(this may only come with the UBS). I do not know anything about the texts on
the winCE machines.

I personally do not like reading on the Palm devise (I do not like reading on
a PC either) but for a quick read, it is handy to use-since I carry it for so
many other reasons. Also, since it has a back light, you can read it in the
dark--something all NT scholars have been dreaming about since Paul wrote 1

Joe Fantin
Dallas and Sheffield

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