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Dr. Mr. Boyd,

I am not sure how to contact them except by post mail. Use the following address
(which I supplied in my posted email):

ADELFOTHS QEOLOGWN H ZWH (the name of the publisher, trans. = "The Brotherhood
of Theologians: The Life")
hIPPOKRATOUS 189 (this the street address; the street is called Hippokratous)
AQHNAI (the Greek spelling for Athens; I always write it both in Greek and in
English)/Athens GREECE

I would try writing in English. I have found that most Greeks are very
accomodating to Americans. Be sure to request the edition H KAINH DIAQHKH (12th
ed., 1990), "shirt-pocket" size, measuring 3 1/4" X 4 1/2" and only 1/2" thick,
356 pp. Ask them for a price quote and for the cost of the edition.

This edition is bound with a nice black hardback binding. In May 1993 I
purchased my copy in Thessaloniki for $2.60 (U.S.Dollars). I am not sure what
the price would be now with the fluctuation of the Greek drachma, but it should
still be very inexpensive with U.S currency.

Good Luck!

David H. Warren

WmHBoyd@aol.com wrote:

> Mr. Warren,
> I would like to order that Greek New Testament from Thessalonika. I have
> their address from you, but I do not know how to communicate with them. Can
> they read English? I would like to ask them about postage and about how to
> pay. Should I use a credit card? Should I try to contact a third party to
> communicate with them?
> Thanks for the guidance.
> William Boyd
> Little Rock's Little Greek

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