[b-greek] Palm PDAs and UBS (Was Re: POCKET SIZE GREEK NT)

From: JFantin@aol.com
Date: Fri Sep 29 2000 - 11:44:51 EDT

> For those of you who are using a PDA, do you have any recommendations for
> the amount of memory needed to load one of these with multiple Bible texts
> (OT & NT in English, prob. at least 2 versions; & prob. 2 Greek NTs),
> with the usual Palm apps? Any advice appreciated.


I apologize for the lateness in this response or if this duplicate
information (someone having already provided it). I receive the digest and
it comes in the early morning here in the UK--The b-greek digest can be the
morning newspaper for us on thi9s side of the pond.

I have the Palm Vx with 8MB memory. I would not recommend any less memory.
I have over 80 apps on my Palm and have used about 7MB of memory--by far most
of this is due to Bible versions for the Olivetree program (second to other
e-docs for a doc reader). Appox. memory for versions on my Palm (I have many
free versions not loaded at this time):

UBS GNT: a little less than 1MB (exactly 855 kb)
entire NASB: 1.5MB
NET Bible NT: about 0.5 MB
*individual German bible segment (Luke and John): less than 0.2MB

*The olivetree biblereader versions divides the Bible into 12 segments (8 for
OT and 4 for NT: Matt-Mark; Luke-John; Acts-2Cor; and Gal-Rev). You can load
as many or as few as you wish. A good rule of thumb for versions is about
1MB for OT and 0.5 for NT.

Above I mentioned that most of my memory is occupied by bible and e-docs
(over half of my 7MB--note you can easily make your own e-docs for the Palm);
however, this is deceiving with reference to what I use the Palm for. Most
applications take very little memory and included (uses) in my apps are
comprehensive book lists for desire books; tons of personal info vital for
traveling (and life); prayer lists; much phone and address info (including
book publishers and sources), comprehensive converter for money,
measurements, etc., all my subscription and membership info, etc., etc.,
etc.-not to mention the typical PDA uses: todo lists, memo pads, etc.). In
other words, just because the Bible and e-docs take up about half of my use
memory, there is still plenty of room for its primary use. A couple years
ago I spent a lot of time transferring info to an old Palm and the work was
worth it since everything now is very accessible.

I cannot speak for the WindowsCE machines; however, I suspect they need a lot
more memory than the Palm.

If you have further questions about the Palm feel free to e-mail me off-list.

Joe Fantin
Dallas and Sheffield

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