[b-greek] Off Topic Request for Modern Greek Textbook

From: Warren Fulton (warren@inlingua.at)
Date: Sun Oct 01 2000 - 12:57:06 EDT

Marianna Steriadis, Ph.D., wrote:

> I teach modern Greek at Tarpon Springs High School, in Tarpon Springs Florida.


> Can anyone recommend a better text for us to use?

One of the better schools for Modern Greek in Athens, TO KENTRO ELLENIKOU POLITISMOU,

Dimitra, ELLHNIKA TWRA 1 + 1, and 2 + 2, IBSN 9607317033 and 960731705X

This attractive series comes with a TETRADION ASKHSEWN for each level, but the
teachers in Athens still need to supplement the materials with lots of their own
drills. If you have questions on how they practice grammar, you can contact one of
the directors, Michael Kavouriaris, at "Mihalis" <hcc@hcc.gr>. I did a refresher
course with him this summer.

Of course if you mention Athens, you have to give equal time to the "nymph of the
north." Aristotle University of Thessalonica has a long tradition of teaching Greek
to foreigners and I learned years ago with one of their earlier editions here at the
Byzantine Institute of Vienna. If ELLHNIKA TWRA is more functional-communicative in
its approach, TA NEA ELLHNIKA GIA XENOUS has a very clear grammatical framework to it
backed up with lots of tables and appendices. But again, the teachers always had to
do a lot of reinforcement with their own worksheets. This book, published by TO
INSTITOUTO NEOELLHNIKWN SPOUDWN of the University, is aimed at young collegiates.

You can check out their other publications as well at:

While you're at it, have a look at the ARCIZW/PLOUTIZW ELLHNIKA series from
University Studio Press. These are the books used at the University's own School of
Modern Greek. I have only seen the title PERISSOTERA ELLHNIKA. Very dry, no
illustrations, but lots of ASKHSEIS. There is also a grammar reference cum workbook:

KAI TWRA ... GRAMMATIKH. Their site is:


All these books are GREEK ONLY. Grammar is taught in context with loads of examples.

They are all available from Zeno in London:


or from Aristotle University directly.

Our school, Inlingua [Plug: 7 convenient locations throughout FL!], also has its own
MG textbook which however is more geared to adults in a hurry. Let me know if you'd
to have a look anyway.

Warren Fulton
Inlingua School of Languages
Vienna, Austria

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