[b-greek] Re: Locative -DE in NT Greek

From: Blahoslav Cicel (most@cb.cz)
Date: Thu Oct 05 2000 - 07:04:34 EDT

> A.T. Robertson (p. 296) mentions OIKADE without citing a reference but I
> also looked for it in NA27 and didn't find it. I thought it might be in
> Westcott & Hort but Moulton & Geden didn't list it either. So I
> am not sure
> where Robertson is getting this, not that it matters a great deal.
> Thanks,
> Clay

I checked WH in my Online Bible but not found. Is hODE (pronoun, 12 times),
hWDE (adverb, 60 times) or TOIOSDE (adjective, 1 time) in the category of
interest? (counted according Textus Receptus)

Blaho Cicel
pastor of The Church of Brothers
in the North of Czecho

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