[b-greek] Finding and Downloading Greek NT

From: Phil Collins (philcollins@ev1.net)
Date: Mon Oct 09 2000 - 16:11:06 EDT

I am searching for sources that I can download the NT in Greek. The only
one I have found is at
http://www.olivetree.com/bible/Frames/GreekNewTestament.htm. Do you know
if this is a good source and which text would be the best one to download?
Also, Olivetree lists a number of Greek fonts that can be downloaded. Do
you have a suggestion which one would be best?

I took two years of Greek in college, a long time ago, but the Lord has
blessed me with the ability to keep up. I am not a fluent in my reading
and it takes me longer to do any research, but I still enjoy it very,
very, much.

Thank you for your time and help.

Phil Collins

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