[b-greek] Re: Col. 4:15 NUMFAN accent

From: Carlton Winbery (winberyc@speedgate.net)
Date: Wed Oct 11 2000 - 19:18:08 EDT

>The scribe of Vaticanus (B), which reads in AUTHS Col. 4:15, was probably a
>proto-feminist trying to create an inclusive version of Paul's Letter to the
>Colossians. The reading in A, Aleph, C . . . is AUTWN, the MT, TR and D
>read AUTOU. The proto-feminist reading has been preserved in NA27 and
>My question is about the accent on NUMFAN which is related to this variant.
>How does the choice and placement of the accent indicate the gender of the
>name? I know, this is a dumb question but keep in mind I never went to
>school (not in Greek).
Clay, most dictionaries give NU/MFA, NU/MFHS as a woman's name and NUMFA=S,
NUMFA= as a man's name. The first would be a first declension noun in the
pattern of DOXA, DOXHS while the later is a masculine noun of the first
declension where the genitive is A instead of OU.Several common nouns that
take this pattern are Hebrew words transliterated into Greek, MAMWNA=S,

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