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From: Mike Sangrey (mike@sojurn.lns.pa.us)
Date: Fri Oct 13 2000 - 08:31:58 EDT

"Wieland Willker" <willker@chemie.uni-bremen.de> said:
> I am looking for interesting Greek idioms which can be used to check/
> test translations. e.g. Acts 7:23 ANEBH EPI THN KARDIAN AUTOU

You might want to check out Louw and Nida "Greek-English Lexicon of the NT
based on Semantic Domains". It is two volumes, one being an index. The
entries in the index are like this:

  a. go up ............. 15.101
  b. go aboard ......... 15.99
  c. sprout and grow ... 23.196
  d. grow up ........... 23.189
  ANABAINW : unit
    begin to think ...... 30.17

In other words, idioms are listed directly in the index.
Mike Sangrey
Landisburg, Pa.
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