[b-greek] Practico and Van Pelt?

From: Nichael Cramer (nichael@sover.net)
Date: Mon Oct 16 2000 - 11:07:57 EDT

[Note: I understand that the following is not exactly on topic.
        And I'm most certainly not attempting to start or enter
        into a discussion of the teaching of Hebrew, etc. I ask
        this question here only because I assume many folks here
        are quite familar with Mounce's book and I hope they can
        comment on Pratico and Van Pelt's book.]

The program for the upcoming annual SBL meeting contains an ad for
Zondervan Academic. In the ad is a description of _Basics of Biblical
Hebrew_ by Gary D. Pratico and Miles V. Van Pelt (a grammar with an
accompanying softcover workbook).

From the appearance of the books (and as is stated explicitly in the text
of the ad) these books are clearly meant to be companion works to William
Mounce's _Basics of Biblical Greek_ --or, at the very least meant to
"follow in [its] steps".

I ask this question in this forum because I know Mounce's book has been
discussed here extensively, and I'm hoping some here might know something
about Pratico and Van Pelt's book and/or could comment on it (note:
according to the ad, it will be available "Fall 2001"),

In short, I am quite a fan of Mounce's book. I find his mixture of
inductive and deductive techniques, and his intermingling of morphological
discussion quite useful (and to be especially helpful for those who, like
myself, find that our studies --for various reasons-- must occur in
isolation). It would seem to me to be very exciting if Zondervan were to
bring out a book that is able to do the same for Biblical Hebrew.

Also, the Grammar[*] contains a CD-ROM (which includes "helpful student
learning tools"). Has anything comparable been published for Mounce's book?

Finally, one can only hope that Zondervan likewise follows _Basics of
Biblical Hebrew_ with something analogous to Mounce's Morphology.


   [* Note: Spelled "grammer" in the ad. ;-) ]
Nichael Cramer

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