[b-greek] Re: NA26: Manuscript evidence lacking?

From: Jonathan Robie (Jonathan.Robie@SoftwareAG-USA.com)
Date: Tue Oct 17 2000 - 17:00:53 EDT

At 03:33 PM 10/17/00 -0400, Theodore H Mann wrote:
>I received an email this morning from a friend who surprised me by
>claiming that there are readings in NA26 that have no manuscript support
>at all. I have emailed him, requesting that he identify those readings
>for me. While I am waiting for his reply, however, I thought this might
>be of interest to the list. Are there in fact passages in NA 26 that
>have no manuscript support? If so, what is the rationale for including
>them? Do these same readings appear in NA27?

This is a question that can best be answered by looking closely at a copy
of the NA26 or NA27. If you look at a printed edition of the NA26 or NA27,
the apparatus tells you exactly which manuscripts support each variant
reading. There is also a table that tells you the names of each of these


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