[b-greek] First volume of Diccionario Español del Nuevo Testamento just published

From: Daniel Riaño (danielrr@retemail.es)
Date: Fri Oct 20 2000 - 05:07:21 EDT

        The first volume of the Diccionario Griego-Español del Nuevo
Testamento (Greek-Spanish New testament Dictionary) has been just

*Diccionario Griego-Español del Nuevo Testamento* (DGENT) , Fasc. 1:
)Aarw/n - ai(matekxusi/a) . Dirigido por Juan mateos, Cols. Jesús
Peláez and the Grupo de Análisis Semántico de la Universidad de
Córdoba (GASCO), pp: 11 + 180 columnas. ISBN: 84-8005-045-4; pb.
(19x27 cm); 2.700 ptas.

        I just saw it yesterday at a book shop and had the
opportunity to have give a short look at it. Its main feature is the
detailed and careful semantic analysis of every term in its context.
It seems to me that both formally and from the point of view of the
contents the book has really some very interesting and original
features. It is printed in a very clear and legible type, and it is
really inexpensive! You can read more about it at:
http://www.elalmendro.com/menu3.htm (and see also
http://www.elalmendro.com/menu3.htm for other interesting books)

        Several methodological books prepared the path for this
dictionary: Jes'us Pelaez"Metodología del Diccionario Griego-Español
del Nuevo Testamento" (http://www.elalmendro.com/menu3.htm) and Juan
Mateos *Metodo de an'alisis sem'antico aplicado al Griego del Nuevo
testamento* (http://www.elalmendro.com/menu3.htm)

**[Note: The DGENT has nothing to do with the DGE, Diccionario Griego
Daniel Riaño Rufilanchas
Madrid, España

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