[b-greek] Re: First volume of Diccionario Espaņol del Nuevo Testamento just published

From: Daniel Riaņo (danielrr@retemail.es)
Date: Fri Oct 20 2000 - 10:17:00 EDT

At 05:58 -0500 20/10/00, Carl W. Conrad wrote:
> >You're not kidding! 2.700 Pesetas is less than $15.00!

        With the euro at its lowest value, it is about $13'50
At 05:58 -0500 20/10/00, Carl W. Conrad wrote:
>And no doubt it is worth it! But note this: it covers:
> Fasc. 1: )Aarw/n - ai(matekxusi/a)

>What will the total cost of the fascicles be by the time it hits: ZWH?
>Of course, by that time the whole will be bound in a single volume.

        I hope they can manage to keep the costs al low as possible.
Please note that at the end, there will be in fact 2 different
versions of the DGENT: You can buy fascicle after fascicle and then
bound them all together to get the full DGENT; In addition, when the
Dictionary reaches omega, an abridged version will appear in one
single volume, without much of the discussion on semantic issues
(what makes, in fact, a quite different work).
Daniel Riaņo Rufilanchas
Madrid, Espaņa

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