[b-greek] Re: The Greek of Revelation

From: Carl W. Conrad (cwconrad@artsci.wustl.edu)
Date: Sat Oct 21 2000 - 16:29:46 EDT

At 8:44 AM -0400 10/21/00, Mike Sangrey wrote:
>At 4:36 PM -0400 10/20/00, Mike Sangrey wrote:
>>Could the Greek of Revelation be that way because the intended audience
>>was Palestinian Jews?
>"Carl W. Conrad" <cwconrad@artsci.wustl.edu> said:
>> I think this begs a number of huge questions--and of course it is a
>> question itself. What I mean is, until a lot of questions are answered
>> one way or another, THIS question can't even be seriously entertained.
>Certainly this question is hinged to many other questions and the many
>assumptions are intertwined. However, I was simply and only looking for
>opinions regarding ONLY the specific question and not a rigorous, formal
>doctoral thesis.

Then if you're looking for speculations out of thin air, what's the point?
It DOESN'T seem to be SERIOUSLY entertained. It looks like a question
that's dependent upon or related to another idea about Revelation that
might at least give someone reason to guess why your question is relevant.

Also, I was hoping someone would know where research may
>be available. The very nature of the question sort of requires it to be
>buried in a doctoral thesis somewhere and many eyes are helpful in that

I would think that if the question HAS been explored, someone ought to know
about it--certainly it ought to be found in a database on Revelation.

It's just that what popped up into my mind immediately was: WHICH
Palestinian Jews? Are we assuming that Palestinian Jews all spoke the same
Greek? In Jerusalem? in Galilee--and even there the same in Capernaum and
Sepphoris? In Caesarea? And then the point soon raised by Clay B. was that
the book PURPORTS to be addressed to churches in the area of Ephesus and
Patmos, wherefore there must be some reason why an association with the
language of Palestinian Jews is being sought. Or wouldn't it make more
sense to ask more directly what can we know about the affinities of the
Greek of Revelation (assuming, that is, that there ISN'T really some
particular very tentative hypothesis about an association with Palestinian
Jews that you are contemplating)?

>Having said that, I have received some rather helpful information and
>would still appreciate any insights. Apparently private email replies
>would be best.

If there's something to be learned about the Greek of Revelation, there's
no need to keep it off of B-Greek. I just am inclined to think that if
meaningful answers--even answers falling short of what might be demanded of
a rigorous demonstration in a doctoral dissertation (and I've seen some
questionable dissertations accepted)--are being sought, the question ought
to have some parameters.

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