[b-greek] RE: Mat 5:18

From: Carl W. Conrad (cwconrad@artsci.wustl.edu)
Date: Mon Oct 30 2000 - 09:53:34 EST

At 7:39 AM +0100 10/30/00, Blahoslav Cicel wrote:
>> My grammar ilustrates the use of hEWS with "hEWS ESTI KAIROS,..."
>> If I understand it correctly, then it is ok to say:
>> hEWS PARERCETAI hO OURANOS KAI hE GH,... (without AN and using
>> praesent indicative).
>> If it is legal, what is the difference?
>> With respect,
>> Blaho
>What a stupid question. I wanted to ask not about the *now* but about the
>*to be* - future. Is there any other way to expres the *until* this happens
>without AN + aorist subjunctive? If yes, what is the difference in meaning?

You could use PRIN and an accusative + infinitive construction; thus the
above phrase would be written (more or less): PRIN PARELQEIN TON TE OURANON
KAI THN GHN, BUT hEWS or PRIN + AN with an aorist subjunctive is the more
normal way of indicating in a protasis ("if" clause) that which must happen
in the future before an event indicated in a future indicative may take

hEWS with an indicative indicates time contemporaneous with the action of
the verb in the clause to which it is correlative, but hEWS with AN and a
subjunctive (usually aorist, because it really points to a condition that
must fully obtain in the future before the action of the verb in the clause
to which it is correlative).

I hope that helps. Wallace (GGBB) has this on such constructions (I cite
only the essential grammatical part):

"f. Subjunctive in Indefinite Temporal Clause 1) Definition: The
subjunctive is frequently used after a temporal adverb (or improper
preposition) meaning until (e.g.,hEWS, ACRI, MECRI), or after the temporal
conjunction o¢tan with the meaning, whenever. It indicates a future
contingency from the perspective of the time of the main verb."

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