[b-greek] Word study on Gal 2:15

From: vanepps (vanepps@home.com)
Date: Mon Oct 30 2000 - 13:53:07 EST

Hello all,

I need a little help. I am working through the book of Galatians and have
come upon 2:15 and Paul's most enigmatic of statments, Jhmeis fusie
Ioudaioi kai ouk ec eqnwn Jamartwloi, "We are Jews by nature, and not
sinners from among the nations (Gentiles)." Because this statment sounds so
out of character in comparison to Paul's earlier argumentation I have begun
a word study on fusie Ioudaioi to see why this phrase is rendered as "Jews
by birth" and not "Jews by nature," which might then hold the possibility of
referring not only to the Jew but also to the Gentile believer who has been
indwelt with the Holy Spirit (cf. Rom 2:28-29). To my regret I am only able
to search the LXX and the GNT and there is no other instance of this phrase,
so I am unable to conclude if fusie Ioudaioi need be rendered as solely an
ethnic designation or if I am able to use the more metaphoric meaning, "by
nature" as he seems to in Romans. Is there anyone out there with the
capability of searching other early Greek writings, or who might assist me
with a good bibliography to further my search for a better translation and
ultimately a better understanding of Paul's motives here. Any help is

May God Bless,
Cameron P. VanEpps
Bellingham, Wa 98226
e-mail: vanepps@home.com
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