[b-greek] Acts 1:22 ARXAMENOS

From: Tom Conry (tconry@hds.harvard.edu)
Date: Wed Nov 01 2000 - 10:58:12 EST

Hi. I was wondering if anyone might shed some light on why ARXAMENOS is
nominative in Acts 1:22 (the first word). I see the impersonal DEI in
1:21, and expect and get an infinitive GENESTHAI and its accusative
subject MARTURA. Shouldn't we expect ARXAMENOS to be in the accusative,
modifying MARTURA? Or is it somehow modifying the impersonal subject of
DEI? Does the fact that GENESTHAI is a linking verb have anything to do
with it? Is it attraction with the immediately preceding expression hO
KURIOS IHSOUS? Can we have participles or adjectives modifying impersonal
subjects in any event?

I'm sure I'm overlooking something but it's one of those cases where the
more I stare, the stranger it looks. There's no such thing as a
nominative absolute in Koine, is there???

Tom Conry

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