[b-greek] Re: Greek accents in III - II cent. BC

From: clayton stirling bartholomew (c.s.bartholomew@worldnet.att.net)
Date: Thu Nov 02 2000 - 12:59:59 EST

on 11/01/00 11:57 PM, Andre S. Desnitsky wrote:

> Dear colleagues,
> Once I've been a (rather passive) member of B-Greek and now I am back to
> ask a question.
> Does any of you know of any work that aims at reconstituing actual
> pronounciation of Greek accents in III - II centuries BC, i.e. about the
> time when LXX was composed?

Hello Andre,

If my memory serves me correctly Stephen G Daitz* makes a stab at it. I
have not listened to his tapes for several years so I could be mistaken
about this. I am not at all sure he is aiming at II and III century.
Probably more like IV and V century.


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*AUTHOR Daitz, Stephen G.,

TITLE The pronunciation & reading of ancient Greek [sound recording]
/Stephen G. Daitz.

ALT TITLE 1)Pronunciation and reading of ancient Greek.

SERIES 1) The living voice of Greek and Latin literature

SUMMARY Presents instruction in the reading of ancient Greek,
includingvowels, consonants, pitch accent, and poetic rhythm.

SUBJECT(S) 1) Greek language -- Pronunciation. 2) Greek language --
Metrics and rhythmics.

NOTE(S) 1) J. Norton Publishers: 23661-23662. 2) In container (25 cm.)

MUSIC # 23662 J. Norton Publishers

PUBLISHER Guilford, CT : J. Norton Publishers, [1984] EDITION 2nd ed.

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