[b-greek] Re: Mounce NIV English-GNT

From: Alex / Ali (alexali@surf.net.au)
Date: Fri Nov 03 2000 - 18:19:57 EST

Mark Nichols wrote,

>I wonder what value there would be in this particular interlinear. I'm a
>Very Little Greek (a VLG) myself, but it seems to me that the parsed GNT
>available free over the Web would be a better reference along with some
>lexica such as Thayers and Louw & Nida. Coupled with a Greek grammar,
>MacDonald's Greek Enchridion, comparative English translations and a
>knowledge of the Greek alphabet, I've been stumbling along nicely.
>While I'm on the platform, can anyone suggest anything I might add to my
>library considering my VLG status?

I'm sure you'll get lots of recommendations. If you're primarily interested
in the NT, I'd suggest two books among many that might deserve mention: A
Grammatical Analysis of the Greek New Testament, Max Zerwick and Mary
Grosvenor; and a companion volume, Biblical Greek illustrated by Examples,
by Maximilian Zerwick. The Analysis gives a running analysis of the entire
NT text, giving help with parsing, word meaning, grammatical issues and
their significance for understanding, etc. It does have a numbering system
linked to the Zerwick volume, for fuller discussion of grammatical matters,
but is a useful tool on its own. I like the Zerwick volume as being lucid,
brief, and balanced in the conclusions it draws (by which I mainly mean that
it allows for nuances of meaning, it puts different sides on questions under
debate, and - perhaps like this forum - is concerned with the meaning of the
Greek text rather than pushing any theological barrows).

It will be interesting to read other's recommendations.

But Mark, given Carl's comments on Precious Books, maybe you could work
towards engineering a convergence of that thread and this one, to your own


Alex Hopkins (Melbourne, Australia)

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