[b-greek] Re: oikonomia as "incarnation"?

From: Steve Puluka (spuluka@hotmail.com)
Date: Sat Nov 04 2000 - 14:28:54 EST

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From: "James Ernest" <jernest@hendrickson.com>

I think "incarnation" is simply correct here, as SP explained. I recall
reading various 5th-century discussions in which theologia and oikonomia are
the two headings under which Christ is discussed: i.e., the Word considered
with regard to deity and the Word considered with regard to the incarnation.


I just want to amplify a little my earlier comments on this. I think that
OIKONOMIA is most correctly translated as economy. But in this context of
the council document incarnation is a reasonable accommodation to the fact
that almost no English speaking people these days know what Divine Economy
is. In a perfect world or an academic setting I would be most tempted to
translate economy and place a long footnote with references to place the
word in theological context for the document.

Ultimately, the economy of the Son is more than the incarnation. This was
the understanding of those who wrote and defended the document in question.
Incarnation is a helpful short hand for those that don't want to plumb the
depths of the controversy but do want to understand the basic argument at

Steve Puluka
Chair of the Adult Education Committee
Byzantine Catholic Archeparchy of Pittsburgh

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