[b-greek] LXX Question

From: Kevin D. Williford (KandSWilliford@aol.com)
Date: Mon Nov 06 2000 - 10:19:00 EST

This past week I finally upgraded to a critical LXX text (the SEPTUAGINTA
from the German Bible Society). Before this, the only copy of the LXX
that I owned was a copy of Sir Lancelot C. L. Brenton's interlinear text
from Zondervan. (I found it a couple years ago at a used book store

Anyway, I was doing some work in my new LXX to aquaint myself with the
order of its books, which differs from both our English order and the
Masoretic Text's order. In doing so I discovered a book titled YSALMOI
SOLOMWNTOS. I first thought that this was simply the Song of Solomon.
However, I later discovered I was wrong. Song of Solomon is titled ASMA.
I also discovered a second book that was unfamiliar to me -- WDAI. This
book includes the prayer of Manasseh and a lot more. I went to Brenton
but found neither book in the Apocrypha section (unless I was looking in
the wrong place). I also checked my English Bibles but could not find any
book corresponding to these in the Apocrypha / Deutro-Cannonical sections.
 My interest has been piqued now. Can anyone give me details concerning
the identity of these two books since I cannot find them in either
Breton's LXX or in the lists of Apocryphal/Deutro-Cannonical books in my
English texts?

Thank you,

Kevin D. Williford, M.Div. Student
Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Kansas City, MO

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