[b-greek] Re: Translation please!

From: Wayne Leman (wleman@mcn.net)
Date: Tue Nov 07 2000 - 10:27:02 EST

Ted, I decided to post the translation to the entire list, so others who do
not read Spanish can understand, as well. Unfortunately, my bilingual wife
is on a trip so she can't help me tidy up the machine translation, but I'll
tidy it the mechanical machine translation a bit myself, such as changing
"Mr." to "Lord" (Spanish Seņor means both in English):

> I wonder if someone would be kind enough to translate this for me.
> Thanks for your time and trouble.
> Ted Mann
> thmann@juno.com

Appreciated Ted: My opinion is that this anonymous poem on the Virtuous Wife
( therefore with Husband), is not the first one, nor the last Biblical piece
that I have this slip, nevertheless the context (of v.10 to v.31) that it
can be tacit will indicate who praises this woman, or by his dignity, its
value, by the form to govern his house, etc. it paraphrased the verses, of
course that their works will speak of her! but all that will happen. Her
Husband like their children praise it by their perfection (v.28).
Nevertheless of much more value it is his virtue founded on the fear of the
Lord, who not only will crown him but that he will praise it. Braulio

Wayne Leman
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