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From: Carl McHenry (carl_mchenry@netzero.com)
Date: Thu Nov 09 2000 - 23:27:48 EST

> >Rodney J. Decker wrote:
> >
> >I received the following question privately from a list member, but
> >that perhaps it would be of more general interest. There has been some
> >minor discussion in past years re. diagramming Greek, so if any of you
> >of other options on Windows, please share that info.
> Two of my former students, who are also programmers and wrote Greek
> FlashPro, have also written a diagramming program called Syntac. It has a
> couple of minor issues to resolve, but in the main is very simple to use
> and produces nice diagrams (well, of course, you have to produce
> them). Syntac hasn't been made generally available (I've had some 3rd
> syntax students testing it), but I suspect that if enough folks made
> inquiry to Paul Miller at the GRAMCORD Institute about the program, it
> might light a fire under these guys to get the program finished. BTW,
> from GRAMCORD, you can get John Mclean's Diagraming Manual which teaches
> you how to do it (I use it for my syntax classes) as well as many of the
> books already diagrammed by either John or myself (printed
> you can then use as a template to create your own either in Accordance or
> Syntac).


At what point do you feel Greek students can begin diagramming? I would like
to learn how to go though this exercise, but wonder if I should wait until
by Greek improves. Thanks.

In our LORD Christ Jesus,
carl mchenry
B-Greek lurker
Fresno California

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