[b-greek] Third call for SBL attendees

From: Jeffrey B. Gibson (jgibson000@home.com)
Date: Sat Nov 11 2000 - 10:33:49 EST

With apologies for cross posting

Here is a list of names and their primary e-List affiliation of those
subscribed to the various e-List Biblical Studies communities who have
(as of today) contacted me to confirm intentions to gather Saturday
morning, Nov. 18th at 11am at the Gramcord Booth -- which we will
promote very heavily in exchange for Dale Wheeler's continued indulgence
of our using his booth as a meeting place. (The asterisks that you will
see appearing next to some of the names in this list indicates that that
person will be presenting a paper at the conference; for a list of these
papers, see below),

If I've left anyone out, or mixed up their primary affiliation, many

If you haven't yet contacted me about your intentions to attend SBL
and/or our e-List gathering, please do so OFF LIST. Also, please
indicate what you consider to be your primary e-alma mater so that when
I post the final version of this listing (probably the evening of the
16th or the morning of the 17th) I can place you accordingly.




Bill Skelton, Myron Kauk, Carlton Winbery, Jan Hailey, Benjamin
Raymond, Bill Warren, Norman Hutchinson, Jan Krans, Randall Buth**,
Charles David Isbell

Lamar Cope, Mark Goodacre**, Stephen Carlson, Thomas Longstaff, John C.

Biblical Studies
Steven Craig Miller, Jim West

Jim Davila**, Edith M. Humphrey**

T-C List
David Trobisch, Philip B. Payne, Kristin De Troyer, J. Bruce Prior, Amy
S. Anderson

Kata Markon
Wali van Lohuizen**, Larry Hurtado**, James Kelhoffer

Felix Just**, Billy Evans, Elizabeth Danna, Jeff Staley

Liz Fried**, Janet Giddings, Rikki Watts**, Sukie Curtis, Henry
Carrigan**, Ritva H. Williams,** Anders Eriksson

Corpus Paulinum
Jeffrey Gibson, Elli Elliot, Brian McCarthy, Gail Dawson, Edgar Krentz,
Jerry Sumney, Mark Nanos, Kathy Ehrensperger, Kevin Mullins, William S.
Campbell** , Jim Miller, Kent Yinger, Grady Snyder, Christopher Hutson,
Sheila McGinn**, Susan Jeffers, S. John Roth, Dieter Mitternacht, Frank
W. Hughes, Sakari Hakkinen, Elli Elliot**


Randall Buth -- a methodology presentation at National Association of
Professors of
Hebrew, and a response at Biblical Lexicography

Sheila McGinn -- on Romans in the history of interpretation

William Campbell -- responding to papers in the Theology of the Disputed
Paulines Group.

Felix Just -- giving a paper at 3:00 Sat, the last half hour of the
"CARG" (now
"CARS") section: S21: Computer Assisted Research Section (Saturday,
November 18, 2000, 1:00-3:30 pm) "The Johannine Literature Website: A
Model for Subject Specific Research Sites"

Larry Hurtado -- giving one of the 3 responses to Kloppenborg's new Q
book in the Q session

Wali van Lohuizen -- presenting a paper in the Translations Section on
Monday 20th,
1- 3:30p: "Being in spirit": on the Pericopes in the Synoptic Gospels
with "en

Mark Goodacre -- paper in the Synoptics Section entitled "A Monopoly on
Marcan Priority? Fallacies at the Heart of Q", Sun. 3.45 p.m.

Jim Davilla -- on a panel discussion on Rituals and Religious Experience
in Early Judaism" in the Pseudepigrapha section on Sunday afternoon,
1:00-3:30 (S97).

Edith M. Humphrey -- on a panel discussing E. Shussler Fiorenza's
_Rhetoric and Empire_. This takes place as one of the rhetoric group
meetings, on Monday afternoon.

Liz Fried -- presenting two papers, I forget just when they are. But
they're both about Persia, one on Ezra's Mission, and one on Cyrus the

Elli Elliot -- giving a paper in the Greco-Roman Religions Section, 1st
up in a panel on the mystery cults at 1pm on Sat.

Rikki Watts -- presenting a paper in the Mt section, Saturday, November
18, 2000
1:00 pm-3:30 pm: "Immanuel: Virgin Birth Proof-Text - or Programmatic
Warning of Things to Come (Isa 7.14 in Mt 1.23)?"

Henry Carrigan -- will be at the Trinity Press International booth.

Ritva H. Williams -- presenting a paper titled Stewards and Stewards
hip in the World of the New Testament on Tuesday morning (9:00-11:30
am) in the Social Scientific Criticism of the New Testament Section
(S209 in the program book).

Jeffrey B. Gibson, D.Phil. (Oxon.)
7423 N. Sheridan Road #2A
Chicago, Illinois 60626
e-mail jgibson000@home.com

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